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We create shoes that are timeless

We combine time-tested classics and fashion trends. We complement impeccable handcraft with jewelry of the best quality.

We create shoes that are relevant even after the wedding. That is why all the decorations on the shoes are removable. And white color is absent from the collections - it is replaced by dusty, pink and flesh shades.

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At Jade, we pay a lot of attention to creating comfortable shoes. And in terms of convenience, we highlight 4 main factors that influence the bride’s purchasing decision:

Comfortable pads

We use our designer lasts, which make shoes not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Now they have made more than 6,000 pairs of shoes.

Soft insoles

The softened inner insole in the area of the fascicles relieves the foot while walking. Memory insole technology remembers the shape of the foot position and gives a feeling of additional comfort.

Natural materials

The use of exclusively Italian raw materials makes the shoes softer, they wear out faster and take the shape of the foot.

Low heel

We have a wide selection of low heel models. It is possible to choose the most comfortable height: 1, 5, 8, 9 or 10 cm.

Order Jade shoes

The following ordering options are possible:

Test sample

So that you can evaluate the high quality of the brand before starting cooperation, we provide the opportunity to purchase shoes from the warehouse in any quantity, starting from 1-2 pairs.

First order and official dealer status

The minimum first order is 10 pairs. After this, you receive the status of an official partner: we post information about you on the website and refer clients to you.

Development of joint collections

Development of exclusive shoe collections that will be presented only in your store (or in an agreed number of stores) and will ideally complement the presented images.

Tailoring to order

If the required model/size is not in stock, we can make it to order. The minimum quantity for custom tailoring is 3 pairs of the same model in the same color, different sizes. Tailoring times range from 2 weeks to 2 months.

We are confident in the high quality of the product, so we provide a 1-year warranty on Jade shoes from the manufacturer.


What support do we provide to dealers:

Information and consulting support

Providing online consultations, access to up-to-date information about the product, stock availability, photographs (for online stores and social networks).

Marketing and advertising support

Posting information about dealers on the website, providing retail customers with information about dealers in the regions.

We sell shoes only through dealers in the regions. You can be the exclusive representative of the Jade brand.

Become a partner