About Us

I was never able to find the perfect wedding shoes when I got married.

I wanted the shoes to be light, comfortable and to be able to try them on before purchasing. But there was no suitable pair for my 42, at that time, foot size anywhere.

As a result, my shoes had a 12-centimeter heel and also a platform. I felt terribly uncomfortable. And I danced my first wedding dance barefoot.

After my wedding, a series of weddings of girlfriends and acquaintances followed. And every time I faced the same problem: it is very difficult to find shoes that match the color and are comfortable. And it’s even more difficult to get the size when ordering online.

I realized that I needed a local brand of quality shoes where I could order, try on, and exchange.

To make the purchasing process convenient and with great service. And so that this brand can be found in all major cities of the world.

This is how Jade Bridal appeared - a brand of wedding shoes for my time. Now brides from almost all major cities can not sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty, receive high-quality service and wear their favorite shoes for many years.

Wedding shoes can be comfortable

Wedding shoes have long ceased to be shoes for one day. Brides are looking for a versatile pair that they will continue to wear after the wedding. That's why at Jade we offer:

Timeless models

We have chosen time-tested classic lasts and paired them with elegant, simple heels to maximize the durability of the shoe models.

Detachable accessories

It is possible to turn an evening pair of shoes into an everyday one thanks to the presence of removable accessories.

Wide color palette

We use exclusively dusty, delicate colors, because they are perfect for both wedding and everyday wardrobe.